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Fiancé Visas | Clearwater

Fiancé Visas | Clearwater

With the widespread popularity of international dating via online services, Fiancé visas are becoming more and more popular in places like Clearwater. If the love of your life happens to be a foreign national residing abroad, the law firm of Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. may be able to help you navigate the legal side of your relationship while you focus on the more exciting aspects of your relationship.

Why Are Fiancé Visas Important?

Let us be honest, flying to Russia to marry a woman you just met online, without spending sufficient time together can lead to many surprises in the future. Marrying the man of your dreams during a trip to London and trying to bring him back to the United States will be a problematic venture. Fiancé visas provide you with time to get to know your partner. They are important because they give your future spouse an opportunity to spend quality time with you and your family in Clearwater before the two of you tie the knot.

Most cautious individuals prefer their future spouse to come to their intended hometown before finalizing their marriage vows. The Fiancé visa gives your soon-to-be spouse ninety days, from the date of entry into the United States to:

  • Be introduced to your friends and family.
  • Spend quality time in person as a couple.
  • Get to know the culture of our country.
  • Help your Fiancé get a feel for the United States and decide whether he or she will enjoy building a life here.
  • Plan your wedding and perform the marriage ceremony.

What Do You Need to Qualify?

If you are a U.S. citizen planning to marry a foreigner who is currently residing abroad, you will need to meet a set of criteria to obtain your Fiancé visas in Clearwater. This means:

  • You must have met your intended future spouse in person within the past two years of the date of filing.
  • When filing the application, you and your partner must be free to marry. All previous marriage ties must be legally broken.
  • You must marry within 90 days from the day your partner enters the United States. The Fiancé visa cannot be extended. If you are not married within 90 days, your partner will need to leave the United States.
  • You must agree to sponsor your Fiancé financially.

Things to Consider During the Process

The process of obtaining your Fiancé visas will require active participation on both sides. Here is what to prepare for:

  • Your intended spouse will need to attend an interview at a U.S. consulate abroad to complete the process and receive a K-1 stamp in his or her passport.
  • Once you are married, your foreign spouse will be eligible to apply for lawful permanent residency. He or she will be allowed to stay in the United States during the time that the application for permanent residency is being processed.
  • If your Fiancé has unmarried children under the age of 21, you may be able to sponsor them for a visa.
  • The in-person meeting may be waived in exceptional circumstances, such as if meeting in person violates long-established customs of either partner’s cultural or social practices, or if meeting in person will be an extreme hardship for you.
  • Your Fiancé will need to provide proof that he or she is eligible to enter the United States. In certain cases, your partner may be deemed inadmissible if he or she has been convicted of certain criminal acts, is ill with certain diseases, is or was unlawfully present in the United States, has maintained membership in certain organizations, or has a history of immigration fraud.

Marriage is often a difficult step, even when marrying someone from the same country, with the same cultural background. When an individual relocates from a different nation with the intention to marry, they will face many new hardships, cultural differences, and possible language barriers along with the challenge of a new marriage. Fiancé visas allow a couple to spend some time together in Clearwater before marrying to get a feel for the lifestyle and make a final decision about living here.

Many nations have misconstrued views of the United States, often based on Hollywood depictions and mass media portrayals. Spending ninety days with your partner in preparation for marriage can give him or her a chance to let go of unrealistic expectations, or make sure this is indeed the life he or she wants.

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