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Adoption Attorney Clearwater

Adoption Attorney | Clearwater

Adoption Attorney | Clearwater

Not everybody in Clearwater is aware that hiring an adoption attorney can make for a speedier process and a more positive outcome. Whether you aim to take one of your grandchildren as your own, formalize the existing parental relationship with your stepchildren, or apply with an international agency, a lawyer can provide assistance. With so many types of adoptions, it is not necessarily as simple as signing up, being approved, and welcoming a new member to the family. Instead of navigating the complicated Statutes yourself, hire legal representation.

How an Adoption Attorney Can Help

Adopting a new member of the family can be a thrilling and exciting time for all involved. Welcoming a new son or daughter into your lives is an amazing adventure, and while ideally, nothing will go wrong during the process, it is rare that no snags occur. Too often, paperwork is completed incorrectly, causing delays and even canceled adoptions. Also, issues may arise such as the birth mother changing her mind at the last minute or a biological parent interfering with the process. It is best to prepare with an excellent offense and having an adoption attorney on your side can smooth the process for everyone involved.


Complications do not end after the birth of your child, and you might feel like your patience is being tried. A legal counselor can serve as the advocate you need to face hurdles like gaining consent from the birth mother or tracking down the birth father. In some cases, the birth parents change their mind, and it is crucial that you have an advocate who knows the ins and outs of Florida Law to assist you.

Closed vs. Open Adoption

Regardless of the specific type of adoption you plan to pursue in Clearwater, it will end up either being classified as “open” or “closed” depending on a number of restrictions that are outlined in the agreement.

Open adoptions allow the birth parents to maintain certain levels of visitation and contact with the child, even though the legal ties are severed. This allows the child to maintain a healthy relationship with their biological parent and can be very beneficial for the growth and development of your son or daughter. This may take the form of letters, phone calls, visits, or pictures.

A closed adoption ensures that no contact is to be made between the child and the biological parent once the process has been finalized. No identifying information is shared, although necessary medical and family history may be provided to the adoptive parents. Even in a closed adoption, the parties can register with the Florida Adoption Registry, which would give the child the option of learning about his or her birth parents at a later date.

An adoption attorney in Clearwater can help adoptive families sit down and weigh the pros and cons of each type to help them determine whether they want it to be open or closed. Once the decision is made, your lawyer will ensure that your wishes are upheld and that all the paperwork necessary is completed in full.

Types of Adoptions

In the State of Florida, there are various ways to adopt. An adoption attorney in Clearwater can assist you with the following varieties:


Relatives, most often grandparents, can adopt children whose parents passed away, or have been deemed unfit to parent. This may be due to arrest, abusive behavior, alcohol or drugs, or mental illness. When a relative adopts the child, they are given full legal authority over them, just as their biological parents had.


If a mother or father of a child remarries, the new stepparent can adopt the child and legally have a say in their education, medical care, religious upbringing, and more. This is common for mixed families in the Clearwater area.

Formalization of Foreign Adoption

For Clearwater families that reach out to a foreign country to adopt, having an adoption attorney to help with paperwork, visas, and more is essential. This process can be complicated and expensive, and the importance of having a professional working with you to ensure that the requirements of both the United States and the country of birth of the child in question cannot be understated.

Private Identified

Forgoing the use of an agency is not as common, but many choose to go this route if they know someone on a personal level who is considering putting a child into adoptive care. Hiring an adoption attorney in this case is critical because you want to make sure that everything is above-board and that no repercussions will occur later down the road if a party attempts to renege on the agreement.


An adult over the age of eighteen can be adopted by another adult as long as both are in consent. Whether this is for inheritance, personal relationship, the rediscovery of birth parents, or other purposes such as permanent caregiving, an adoption attorney in Clearwater can help ensure that everyone’s rights are protected.

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Adoption Attorney Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. Can Help

At the law firm of Julie Beth Jouben, P.A., we have been assisting Clearwater families in need with their adoptive procedures for years, and we may be able to help you too. Our clients rely on us to keep them informed, fight for their rights, and maintain an excellent level of communication to ensure everything goes successfully. Adopting a child is a life-changing experience, and we are proud to be the ones to unite so many Tampa Bay families. It is our honor to help you expand your family, and we want to make sure that all of your legal matters are taken care of. To learn more about our firm or to schedule a consultation with an adoption attorney, please give us a call today at 727-449-9929.