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Immigration Law Firms Clearwater

How to Choose Between Immigration Law Firms

People sometimes receive conflicting information from popular media about lawyers. If you need the assistance of professionals from immigration law firms, choosing the right legal group can be daunting. Clearwater residents should work with lawyers who handle their type of case often. The laws regarding green cards and visas are continually changing. Without up-to-date responses and straightforward communication, taking the next step can seem miles away. An attorney can clarify dense legal documents and help you proceed. When selecting an attorney, remember to consider factors like:

  • Suitability
  • Location
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Firm Size


A significant factor to take into account when choosing between immigration law firms is suitability. Do not rely on lawyers who cannot provide services relevant to your situation. The right legal group in Clearwater will have experience dealing with visas and green cards. Attorneys should also be able to provide you with advice for specific situations like fiancé visas. Without proper knowledge and expertise in the current legal landscape, you can miss out on important changes in regulations.   Applying for immigration benefits as soon as possible with the help of a legal professional increases your chances of being approved.

Experience and Expertise

You should take into account the length of time that the attorneys handling your case have practiced immigration law.  The more experience the attorneys have, the more likely that they have already handled a case like yours and know what it takes to get your case approved.   When searching for an immigration law firm in Clearwater, talk to the attorney who will be handling your case.  It will help you to gauge their skills and knowledge of this complicated field.

Small Firm Size and Personal Attention

When deciding between large and small legal groups, it is always better to go with the one that provides better client satisfaction. In most cases, that will be the smaller group. Large businesses typically will accept more clients and deal with dozens of issues at once. Things like green card applications and visas require an attentive professional that can plan for your future on a one-on-one basis. Residents in Clearwater can get a better understanding of their options when speaking with an attorney who gets to know them and treats them as individuals.

Choose the Law Firm of Julie Beth Jouben, P.A.

Clearwater residents hoping to immigrate should not wait until their first rejection to find a lawyer. The professionals at Julie, Beth, Jouben P.A. have decades of experience helping clients navigate the confusing process. You can contact Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. at (727) 449-9929 or by going online today.

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