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Child Custody Attorney: The Basics of Paternal Custody Rights

Custody is possible for biological fathers even if you were not married when the baby was born. Family courts generally want to encourage the involvement of both parents as long as the conditions are positive for the minor. Your child custody attorney at Julie Best Jouben, P.A. in Clearwater can help you through the process of establishing parental rights so you can take an active role in raising your kids. Here is what every father needs to know.

You Must Establish Paternity

Before you can enforce your parental rights, paternity must be established. Oftentimes, paternity is not a contested issue. When both parents are in agreement, then the parties can stipulate to paternity. If paternity is disputed, things may be a little more complicated. If there is a question of parentage, you need to prove that you are indeed the biological father of the child.

Agreement Makes Things Smoother

When both parents are in agreement, the process is typically a smooth one. However, if you cannot come to a mutual decision, we must take extra steps to reach a satisfying resolution. The following are a few important decisions that your child custody attorney can help you resolve with the other parent:

  • Negotiating a timesharing schedule
  • Deciding a plan for holidays and summers
  • Figuring out where the child will go to school
  • Determining who will make decisions regarding the child’s schools, religion, medical care

When there is a mutual understanding with the other parent about the particulars of what is best for your son or daughter, your case may easily be approved by a Clearwater judge.

Need a Child Custody Attorney? Call Julie Beth Jouben, P.A.

Child custody attorney Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. has been helping Clearwater parents with timesharing and parenting plans for over twenty years. Our firm understands the struggle that fathers go through when separated from their children. Give us a call at 727-449-9929 to let us help you mend the relationship gap before your kids grow up.

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