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Immigration Law Firms Palm Harbor

3 Ways Immigration Law Firms Can Help You

Many people in Palm Harbor attempt to go through immigration proceedings alone. However, turning to immigration law firms can reduce stress and lower the risk of mistakes. With experienced, educated professionals, you will experience fewer errors, and your chances of success are higher.

1. Immigration Law Firms Can Guide You Through Paperwork

Immigration legislation is very complex. Because of this, the paperwork necessary for completing green card and visa applications can be just as complicated. While it is not required to hire a legal professional, having someone who understands the system makes the process easier for you. These individuals will know the proper forms to fill out, what information goes where, how to avoid mistakes, and how to file your paperwork.

Immigration law firms in Palm Harbor hire lawyers who have spent years studying the rules and regulations that implement the legislation. They can answer your questions and ensure paperwork is correctly filled out to give you a better chance at approval.

2. Palm Harbor Attorneys Can Help Foreign Employees

If you were born outside of the United States but have a potential job in Palm Harbor, immigration law firms can help you or your employer complete the proper paperwork for a work visa. There are different types of work-related visas depending on the type of employment and other considerations.

For example, an L-1 is for employees of a specific company coming to work at a branch of that company in the U.S. An H-2B is for citizens of designated countries coming to the U.S. for temporary seasonal work.

It is vital that you complete the correct visa application, or you will jeopardize your chance of entering the country. An immigration attorney knows the type of visa you need and helps handle the forms to ensure submission of the right information.

3. They Can Keep You from Committing a Crime

Without the help of immigration law firms, you have a higher chance of making mistakes on your green card or visa application. Putting incorrect information on your application can have serious consequences.

Even if it was accidental, the U.S. Government could consider your mistake to be a form of fraud. Lying on your application could keep you from entering the country indefinitely. Your current forms, as well as future requests, can be denied. However, with legal assistance, the chances of this happening are unlikely.

Contact Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. for Assistance

At Julie Beth Jouben, P.A., we give each case the attention it deserves. We understand each situation is unique and do our best to listen to the needs of our clients. With over 20 years of experience, we are ready to provide comprehensive assistance with immigration law. To find out how we can help you, contact us online or call us at (727) 449-9929.

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