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Immigration Lawyer Clearwater

Immigration Attorney | Clearwater

Immigration Attorney | Clearwater

If you are interested in moving to Clearwater from a foreign nation, immigration lawyer Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. may be able to help you navigate your way through the legal hurdles involved in the process.

We are aware that gaining legal entry into the United States is not as easy as packing your bags and hopping on a plane. The United States can seem welcoming in some respects, yet unfriendly and even forbidding in other ways. But, you should not let that intimidate you. Read on to find out why going through the process can be more than worth it for you and your family.

Why Immigration Is So Complicated

Any immigration lawyer can tell you that one of the biggest reasons for why it is hard to relocate to Clearwater or anywhere in the United States is sheer numbers.

Thousands of Pending Applications

Our government deals with hundreds of thousands if not millions of applications on a regular basis submitted by people from all over the world.

Before sending your request, it is a good idea for you to consult an immigration lawyer in Clearwater so that they can make sure you are filing correctly, avoiding errors, and giving yourself the best possible chance for being granted the rights you need. You need to create an application that is nearly perfect—every missing piece of data and any mistake will become an impediment.

An experienced attorney knows what to look out for; they are detail oriented and will be able to spot any gaps or errors.

The Need to be Selective

The role of a government is to protect the rights of their citizens, defend them from harm, and help them flourish. For this reason, the U.S. government must be selective about who we allow into our nation. Our government wants to welcome newcomers, and an immigration lawyer in Clearwater can further show you if you qualify for entry rights. The state grants permission to those who:

  • Need protection from persecution.
  • Wish to reunite with family members.
  • Can help the U.S. economy thrive with their skills or investments

However, they want to defend our nation by making sure that every entrant is coming with pure motives, and will not be a threat to either the government or the citizens. They want to prevent entry to those who may be a threat:

  • Those with criminal backgrounds or motives.
  • Those who will threaten U.S. security.
  • Those who attempt fraud or break laws to gain entry.

Your immigration lawyer in Clearwater can help you present your pure motives so that sloppy answers will not disqualify your chances of gaining legal entry permissions.

How Your Immigration Lawyer Can Help You

Your immigration lawyer can help you determine what kind of entry you are most likely to qualify for. There are many different designations of green cards and visa categories in existence, and which you need depends on who you are, what you do, and what your motives are in relocating. They will support you during the process, making sure that all of your documentation is intact, that your application is filed correctly, and that all of the proper immunizations are in check. They will be at your side to advise you with any questions or concerns and will help you to understand your rights once you are accepted.

Another crucial aspect of gaining legal entry in Clearwater is maintaining that status. Knowing what your entry rights mean and how to maintain your legal status should be taken seriously. The rules can be difficult to comprehend, but your lawyer can answer any questions regarding what you can and cannot do based on your entry permissions.


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Choose an Immigration Attorney at Julie Beth Jouben, P.A.

Immigration lawyer Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. knows the current laws and regulations in Clearwater. Our law office understands what candidates are most likely to be accepted and how a perfect application must appear. We can help to advise you through the process to make sure that your application is filled out properly, giving you the best chance of gaining legal entry into the United States. The process can certainly take time, so start now. Call us today at 727-449-9929 to get your application filed so you can start working towards the next steps.