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Immigration Law Attorney

Immigration Assistance | Clearwater

Immigration Assistance | Clearwater

The United States is certainly a dream place to live for many foreigners— names like the Land of Opportunity and the American Dream were coined for a reason. If you are hoping to obtain legal entry to the United States, immigration attorney Julie Beth Jouben may be able to help you through the process.

Why Is The United States So Selective About Who Can Immigrate?

The United States receives thousands of applications on a yearly basis. You are not the only person who would like to move to a beautiful American city like Clearwater. The government needs to be careful about who they invite for many reasons, including those that center on security for our nation and its citizens. Carefully analyzing the applicants allows the government to deny entry to candidates who are a potential threat to the country, including people:

  • Who have criminal backgrounds
  • Who are a threat to the nation and/or the citizens
  • Those who attempt to gain entry fraudulently

However, we are a nation that is known for its openness to help those who are in need of protection from political or religious persecution in their homeland. We are a nation that has served to reunite many family units in Clearwater, and the government wants to provide economic and business opportunities for those who would like to test their skills in our economy.

If you believe you are a good candidate, you want to make sure that your application is well written and free of errors that can cause delays or disqualification. An immigration attorney can help you understand the application process and make sure that yours will be error free so you are given a fair chance when your proposal is reviewed.

Do You Have a Fair Chance to Gain Legal Entry Rights?

As mentioned above, the sheer amount of people who wish to move to Clearwater can make entry difficult. Although it is not easy, hundreds of people can come here successfully. With the help of an experienced immigration attorney, you may be next. To gain legal entry, you must meet the requirements for the type of rights you seek. There are different options available and here are a few to consider:

Get a Job

If you are an expert in your work field or have some sought-after skills, you can get a job in Clearwater for which you employer will sponsor your entry. When it comes to jobs, employers are in need of those who excel in technology, science, math, and engineering. The holes in the workforce fluctuate, and your immigration attorney can help you determine if your skill is considered in demand at present.

Get a Fiancé

Do not get married just to get a green card. marrying solely to obtain immigration benefits is against the law. The United States government is very careful when granting fiancé visas in Clearwater. If you genuinely fall in love with a man or woman who happens to be a U.S. citizen, you could qualify to get a green card based upon your marriage to that person. Your immigration attorney can help you understand this process better.

Get a Lottery Ticket

If you consider yourself a lucky person, buy a lotto ticket. If you are currently the resident of an under-represented country, you have a fair chance of being selected through the immigration lottery. The Diversity Visa Lottery Program is conducted on a yearly basis by the U.S. Congress, issuing 50,000 green cards to people who do not qualify for entry due to family relationships or employment. Some requirements must be met, but if you are eligible— we wish you luck!

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Get Immigration Assistance from Julie Beth Jouben, P.A.

If you are serious about submitting your application for entry rights to Clearwater, immigration attorney Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. can make sure that your request is presented well. Our law firm has experience assisting with fiancé visas, green cards, family and divorce law, and more. Call us today to discuss your situation at 727-449-9929 and make sure you get your chance for legal entry.