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Green Card Attorney Clearwater

Green Card Attorney: Helping You With Immigration Matters

If you are applying for a green card, more accurately known as lawful permanent resident status, so that you may live and work in the United States, a green card attorney can be very helpful. You probably already know how long and confusing the legal process can be. The paperwork can often be overwhelming and seem redundant; there can also be government delays to consider when planning for your future life in the United States. An attorney is not a required part of the legal process of obtaining your green card, but he or she can make the process much easier for you. At the law firm of Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. in Clearwater, we have the training and experience necessary to help you successfully navigate your immigration experience.

How Can a Green Card Attorney Improve Your Chances of Approval?

While hiring a green card attorney can definitely simplify the process, it can also actually help to increase your chances of your application being approved. Your lawyer will analyze your case and work with you to determine what supporting documents are necessary in your situation. A green card attorney knows what information USCIS needs and can help you to think outside of the box to provide all of the evidence required. If you are immigrating to the Clearwater area from outside the United States, you might not speak English as your first language; this could possibly cause errors in your application process. A green card attorney will help you understand each part of the application and ensure that it is filled out correctly. Having a lawyer verify that everything has been done right the first time will save you from time-consuming delays.

How Can a Green Card Attorney Make the Process Easier?

A green card attorney is here to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. When you apply, there are different pathways of application to choose from. Those options include:

  • Long-term employment
  • Immediate family members
  • Relatives
  • Visa lottery
  • Asylum or refugee status

Each of these immigration routes have their own distinct requirements. Mandatory supporting documents change depending upon which avenue to lawful permanent residency you choose. The necessary forms differ as well. If you are hoping to immigrate to Clearwater, we can help you evaluate each option to determine which one will work best for you. Our expert advice can relieve stress for you and make the process move along much quicker than if you were doing it alone.

Choose the Law Firm of Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. in Clearwater

A green card attorney in Clearwater can make your life much less stressful. By providing knowledge and guidance, an attorney can help you move through the process without any significant bumps, as well as keep things on track. At Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. we believe that each case is unique and treat them as such; we care about you and your results. If you would like to learn more, you can do so by getting in touch with us today. Set up a consultation in Clearwater by calling us at (727)-449-9929, or by leaving a message on our website.

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