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Foreign Adoption Clearwater FL

Foreign Adoption Attorney 101: Why Foreign Adoption Takes So Long

It is true that adopting a child from another country can take a long time. However, the same can be said for adopting a child domestically as well. When it comes to foreign adoption, first you will need to come to terms with the fact that there is a wait time. The best thing you can do is to let your foreign adoption attorney at Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. help you through the process to make sure every step you take provides results. The ultimate goal should be productive waiting, and not merely lost time. It is frustrating to wait, but understanding why it takes time can help make the process more bearable.

The Type of Adoption Matters

The kind of child you would like to adopt makes a difference when it comes to the wait time. The face of international adoption is changing. If you are in search of a healthy baby, it will take longer than if you are interested in welcoming home an older child or a child with special needs. It is not that children are not available; it is just that the most desired demographics are harder to adopt from. Older and special needs kids are often already waiting, so the process is naturally quicker. Your foreign adoption attorney can tell you that the more flexible you are when it comes to age, gender, ethnicity, and health of the child, the more options there will be for you, which will speed up the process for you in Clearwater.

Caution for the Best Interest of the Child

You are asking the governments of two separate countries to allow you to provide a forever home for a child. You would not hire a babysitter or daycare provider without doing your research first. Both the U.S. government and the foreign government have their own requirements to ensure that you will be a suitable parent before allowing you to bring the child into your home. Also, extensive checks need to be performed to make sure that the biological parents or family members of children being placed for adoption actually do not want to care for them. These investigations are not rapid. Often times, government agencies are underfunded leading to large backlogs. While everyone agrees that caution for the children’s best interests is necessary, it does not make the wait any less frustrating.

Find Your Foreign Adoption Attorney at Julie Beth Jouben, P.A.!

The wait is inevitable, but starting your side of the process as soon as possible in Clearwater will ensure that something begins happening behind the scenes. Your foreign adoption attorney at Julie Beth Jouben, P.A. can help you deal with any issues that arise along the way as you go from dream to reality. Call us at 727-499-9929 to schedule your consultation today!

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