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5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Divorce

Factors you need to know when getting a divorce.

You are thinking about getting a divorce from your spouse. Before you file with the Court, there are several factors you should consider before you step into the family law arena.

Determine if you are sure about getting a divorce

In an emotionally charged situation, divorce may seem like the only answer. However, it may not be the only way to resolve your issues with your spouse. If you are not confident you want your marriage to end, you may wish to try marriage counseling prior to filing for divorce. Once you file your paperwork, it may be too late.

Interview your divorce lawyer

You should pick your divorce attorney wisely. Working closely with your divorce attorney throughout the divorce process is vital, so you must ensure you are confident with your attorney of choice. You want to make sure the attorney that you hire has the experience needed to handle your case. At the same time, you want an attorney with whom you are comfortable and who respects your position as to how you would like your divorce to proceed. Hiring a divorce lawyer with the highest hourly rate does not automatically guarantee your goals for litigation will be met.

Understand your financial position

Prior to filing for divorce, it’s best that you understand your pre-divorce financial situation so you can visualize your post-divorce financial picture. It’s hard to determine your financial goals for your divorce if you do not know your assets and debts. Many people assume that, just because an asset or debt is in one party’s name only, that it cannot be split in the divorce. This may not be the case. Also, if your spouse has handled the day-to-day finances during your marriage, you may not know what your expenses are or how much money you will need for your living expenses after your divorce is filed. Your divorce attorney can help you gain an understanding of your financial position.

Evaluate your custody goals during the divorce procedure

You may not want to spend a single day away you’re your children when you are getting divorced. However, unless there are extreme circumstances, you and your spouse will both spend time with your children and share parental responsibility for them. Many parents approach timesharing from an emotional standpoint. Your divorce lawyer can provide you with the factors that the Court will utilize when ruling on a parenting plan. You should look at your work schedule as well as the children’s school and extracurricular schedules and develop a proposed timesharing plan that will work best for your family.

Gather documentation before you file

You need information in order to make informed decisions. The Court does as well. Family law cases are fueled by documentation. If you and your spouse have joint financial records, you will want to make copies of those records prior to meeting with your divorce attorney. You should take pictures of assets in addition to making copies of account statements. It’s possible that your spouse will make it difficult for you to obtain access to this information once the divorce has been filed. Preparation can help you to avoid conflict and unnecessary delays during your divorce.

Contact Julie Beth Jouben P.A. if You’re Thinking About Getting a Divorce

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